New Digital Media Storefront on Gumroad

I have a special announcement to make: I’ve just launched a digital media storefront on Gumroad!

Some of the ways God lets me serve my local church include music, media, and web. Graphics is a natural intersection of these outlets—song lyric backgrounds, website images, handouts, flyers, and so many other things. Recently, God graciously allowed our church to move to projected song lyrics. We’re also moving forward with a fairly in-depth website overhaul. As I was looking around to source graphics, I discovered two things: there are a lot of great resources out there… but most of them are really expensive. There’s not a lot for small churches on a tight budget. We’re not in a position to invest a lot of money in this kind of thing right now, so it’s an opportunity to learn to do the work ourselves. And after a bit of prayer and soul-searching, God has open some doors for me to get my feet wet with digital media.

Unfortunately, I can’t offer these resources for free. It takes time, work, and investment to take, edit, and share these resources. I can do a little bit for the church as a labor of love, but a small bit of compensation will allow me to produce a greater quantity of resources with higher quality and make them available to the public. At the same time, I’m certainly no pro, and the goal is budget-friendly resources for clients of all sizes. Hopefully, the pricing reflects those values.

To check out the store, head over to:!

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